Sports & Enrichment Facilitators

PE Coaches

The Pathways Programmes goal at The British School is to enable students to access sport at a level appropriate to their skill level. This is achieved using a multi-tiered approach to our provision, which encompasses Development, Intermediate and Performance students. These Pathways allow students to have differentiated training based on their needs. The sports currently offered by the programme are football, basketball and swimming, with the possibility of further sports being added in the future. Alongside our Pathways programme, the school runs a number of teams which compete in a range of competitions, tournaments and leagues throughout the year, including House and interschool, national and international.

Sports currently offered alongside the Pathways Programme are as follows:

  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Futsal
  • Gymnastics
  • Trampolining
  • Athletics


All teams and sports have up to 3 training sessions a week, depending on the season.

All of our coaches are well qualified to deliver high quality, effective sessions enabling students to gain experience in a range of sports. Throughout the year we run extensive coach training sessions to allow our coaches to further advance their skills to enable them to develop their coaching and continue to deliver high-quality sessions We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic, high-quality coaches to join our team.



The Enrichment Programme at The British School has a strong developmental focus and is closely aligned with the mission and vision of the school. It is consistent with the strategic thinking of the stakeholders and has the objective to improve social and personal skills of students. Our vision is to embed the programme into our school curriculum and balance academic support with a variety of engaging, inclusive, fun and structured extracurricular or co-curricular activities that promote the development of our students in a variety of real-world context. We also seek to engage with the broader community and to foster positive relationships within this community, and beyond.

From Building model rockets and rubber powered cars; creating masterpieces made of chocolate; using tangram puzzles for mathematical problem solving; and learning yoga with dance and gymnastics; we offer a rich, diverse and structured Programme that inspires students in athletics, art, academics, science and technology, music and the performing arts. Our Enrichment instructors are either staff from school or are identified from well-established organisations of excellence.

Students can explore new learning opportunities or broaden their skills in an area they already love within the safe and protected environment of school. Students develop through this program, a deeper sense of self-expression and creative confidence.

The Enrichment Programme for Primary school is planned as:

  • After school activities year 1-6
    • Monday to Friday for Year 1-3. From 2.20-3.10 pm
    • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for Year 4-6. From 2.20 – 3.10 pm
  • Year 4-6, Lesson 8 Staff led, Mon & Wed - As an extension of the school day, activities are held during Lesson 8, and are part of the weekly schedule. These are teacher-led, and this is mandatory for all students.

The Enrichment Programme for Secondary school is planned as:

  • Lesson 8 activities Years 7-9
    • Monday and Wednesday. From 2.20-3.10 pm
  • After School Clubs, Years 7-13, Monday to Friday.
    • Tuesday and Thursday (2.30-3.30 pm) are led by outside facilitators, while Monday and Wednesday (3.30-4.30) are teacher led.